5 world famous habits of sindhi people

1. Demand discount

“ari thoda discount to deyo ni” ever heard a sindhi say this, I am sure you have. We love discounts, everyone does but we sindhis cannot digest when something is on sale and there is no discount. This is exactly why sindhis will quote you a high price for everything because they are used to discounting it in the end.

2.Extreme love for chutney, papad and achaar

A meal without achaar and papad is a total malice, how dare someone serve sindhi a food and not have a bowl full of achaar and stacks of papad. Besides food actually gets tastier with them, doesn’t it!

3.Brand ambassadors of bling

If there is glitter on this planet then it is here! It is here! It is here! We love all things that shine, are gold and would require you to look for your sunglasses. On that note, you might even find a sindhi wearing a gold sunglasses, don’t get astonished now that you know this.

4.The road to their hearts literally goes through their stomach

You can bond with a sindhi over three things, food food and lots of food. We don’t love food in its quantity aspect but quality aspect. Thanks to Ulhasnagar we are spoilt for life and we cannot settle for anything less than a keema pattice, butter pav bhaji, dal sandwich and parathas.

5. Go grand or go home.

Ever attended a sindhi wedding, excuse the word budget, whatever it may be. You will see grandness in all its aspect. 4 mandatory functions with a guest list of minimum 200 people, an attractive return gift, exchange of clothing jewellery and all sorts of luxuries. We say go grand or go home.

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